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The Importance Of Micro-chipping Your Pet

Dog getting prepped for microchipping

Oak Ridge Animal Hospital Offers Microchipping to Prevent Lost Pets

Even when pet owners are very careful, pets can wander off and get lost, which can be dangerous for them and stressful for the owners. Microchipping is a method that implants a tiny device under the skin to provide contact information to reunite animals with their owners. At Oak Ridge Animal Hospital in Greensboro, NC, we offer this simple, inexpensive microchipping process, which can help you to be reunited with your pet quickly.

What Is Microchipping?

Microchipping uses technology in the form of a tiny, enclosed cylinder, about the size of a grain of rice that contains digital information. The cylinder is inserted under the skin of an animal, and when the animal is found, an electronic “reading” device detects the number that corresponds to specific information about the owner. Veterinarians and animal shelters around the country have these readers, which can then be used to get your contact information to reunite you with your lost pet.

Why Microchipping Is Important

Microchipping is important because, unlike a nametag, it cannot be detached and lost. Your pet will always have the information that can help him or her to get back to you quickly. A fast recovery of a lost pet is less stressful for the animal, and also less stressful for you.

How the Microchip Is Inserted

Your Greensboro veterinarian uses a special type of hypodermic needle to insert the cylinder under the skin. The procedure can be done in the office and no anesthetic is needed. It only takes a few minutes and is virtually painless for the animal.

Make Oak Ridge Animal Hospital Your Choice for Microchipping in Greensboro, NC

Dr. Barros and Dr. Sacks use their wealth of experience in veterinary medicine to ensure the health of their patients in Greensboro, NC and nearby communities. We offer a range of veterinary services, including vaccinations, wellness visits, diagnostic services, surgery, and boarding. Call Oak Ridge Animal Hospital today at 336-665-0002 for an appointment to have your pet microchipped for a faster recovery if he or she becomes lost.

What concerns do you have about microchipping your pet?


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